Crafting Extraordinary Custom Motorcycles

In the realm of custom motorcycles, a thrilling collaboration has been ignited. Our companies are both known for our craftsmanship and creative power. Together, we embark on this exciting journey. Here, we combine our years of expertise and our shared passion for custom motorcycles.

At the core of both Moto Adonis and Ironwood lies a love for motorcycles and the art of transformation. We infuse life into these two-wheeled machines through a pursuit of excellence and a commitment to quality in every build we undertake. As kindred spirits, our partnership is rooted in shared values and a mutual desire to craft two-wheeled masterpieces that weave stories and evoke emotions.

Our collaboration stands as a testament to the profound respect and admiration we hold for each other’s work.

Starting a custom build

Building a Ironwood bike!


At the Moto Adonis workshop, our specialty lies in crafting bespoke motorcycles. Leveraging the expertise of Arjan van den Boom from Ironwood Custom Motorcycles, we have the capability to bring your Ironwood / Moto Adonis custom motorcycle to life.

The design:  everything starts with a great design; this is the foundation of every custom bike we build at our shop. The first step in this creation process is to understand your desires and needs. This input allows us to get a good idea of what kind of bike you would like us to build.

Before we start building, we can create a photorealistic rendering of the design, which gives you a clear vision of your future dream bike. If you want us to take the lead in the design, we’ll happily do so! Together with Arjan, we will design your bike until it meets your desires!

Building your bike:  as we build your bike, we want to ensure it meets your desires and specifications. That’s why we’ll contact you regularly to discuss the building process, part selection, color choices, and any modifications. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way, so you can stay engaged with the build.

The Finish: it’s done! Exiting times for us, and especially for you! The bike is completely dialed in and ready to go on new adventures! Pick it up and go for it!

Let the fun begin! Contact us!



Curious about our collaboration or interested in more information on a bike build? Send us a message via email:
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You can also send Arjan van den Boom of Ironwood Motorcycles a direct message on Instagram of Facbook.

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