Project Description

BMW The Girder R9T

Original bike: BMW R NINET
Nickname: The Girder R9T


The Story:

The building off the BMW The Girder R9T started with a question. Instead of supplying us with a motorcycle, the customer asked us: ‘Which bike do you guys want to build? Surprise me!’. That’s a different way to start a custom build, but as we are always up for a challenge, we started off in very good cheer.

Not impressed at first glance
To be fair: when we came up with a complete stock BMW R9, our customer was not thrilled about it at first glance. But when we shared our ideas and showed our drawings and Photoshop models, he completely turned around! On paper, we transformed the R9T completely in to an extreme looking custom bike. No more a stock body and tank. Even the stock front fork was gone!

Hard and fast
We thought that if we were given the opportunity, we should just go for it, and went design crazy! Our goal was to build a futuristic and mean looking bike, while maintaining the driveability. The kind of bike we wanted to build is meant to be ridden hard and fast! If you want to drive like that, the suspension and the front fork are definitely important components.

10 kilos lighter!
We designed the custom girder style fork ourselves, but only looks doesn’t cut it. So we turned to our friends at Wimoto to make the geometry work. We also fitted bespoke made Wilbers suspension in the frond and back, so this bike handles like a dream! It is awesome to see the girder front fork working while riding because the whole front is moving. You would think that the girder front adds a lot of extra weight on the front, but actually, it’s 10 kilos lighter than stock!

Cardboard and tape
The gas tank and body panels of the Girder R9T are handmade out of aluminum. We first made the whole body out of cardboard and tape! This was a great way to see if we liked the overall lines and implement changes quickly. We made several tanks this way, despite the large amount of work. After all, our belief is: If it could be better, you should make it better! When we were finally happy with the looks, we took the next step in the build. A lot of hammering, English wheel rolling and welding, went into making the tank and rest of the body. By giving the Motogadget speedo a pride place in the tank, we could keep the front clean. The tail section is also completely handmade and mounted on a custom rear and finished with a handmade leader seat. To finish the bike off, we placed a LED headlight behind the front ‘fairing’ and we custom-made a tail light out of acrylic and LED’s.

The perfect color
Painting the bike in different finishes of black (gloss, semi gloss, matt) was also a challenge, because the body had some very sharp corners. These had to be really straight to make it look perfect. We think we chose the perfect color for this mean looking bike.

The result
We as Moto Adonis are really proud of how BMW R NINET turned out! We have been building custom motorcycles since 2012, but like to think we stepped up on this one!

Front fork: custom-made girder
Suspension: bespoke made Wilbers suspension front and back
Tank and bodywork: handmade full aluminum
Lighting: custom-made tail light, and LED lights headlight
Exhaust: custom-made RVS MAD exhaust.
Ecu remapping: By Tovami

Motorcycle Gear in pictures and film: Jacket Revit Crosby, Jeans Revit Brentwood SF. Helmet and goggles – Roeg Peruna

Credits: Bike design by Moto Adonis – Arthur Renkema, Job Leussink and Daan Borsje. Upholstery: Miller kustom Upholstery. Bodywork: Gerard Kramer. Photos: Mark Meisner. Filmed: Deep bold studio. Production and copyright © – Moto Adonis Motorcycles b.v.

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