Project Description

BMW R80 – The Architect

Our journey with the BMW R80, aptly named “The Architect,” commenced when our client’s architect envisioned a new home and seamlessly integrated a custom BMW into the interior drawings. Positioned strategically, the bike became a captivating focal point visible from the front door, seamlessly blending indoors and outdoors.

The symbiosis between the house’s exterior and interior was so compelling that our client was compelled to bring the bike from the drawings to life. Enter Moto Adonis; we transformed the envisioned motorcycle into reality. Our mission was to craft a sleek, impeccably detailed bike that harmonized seamlessly with the interior aesthetics of the house. At Moto Adonis, we have a penchant for constructing bikes with nice components. Hence, we selected YSS shocks, Biltwell handgrips, Tarozzi foot controls, and, of course, a bespoke leather seat courtesy of Mr. Miller. The result? A R80 that not only exudes a clean and sophisticated allure but also harmonizes effortlessly with the client’s envisioned space. As Moto Adonis, we take great pride in the culmination of this project.

Credits: Bike design by Moto Adonis. Upholstery: Miller kustom. Copyright © – Moto Adonis Motorcycles b.v.

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