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The Mighty Six!

The creation of a custom motorcycle typically begins with a simple email. But believe us, this particular email was the epic message every custom motorcycle builder longs for – the starting signal for crafting an unparalleled Custom CBX1000, undoubtedly one of the most legendary machines ever built.

The sound of this beastly 6-cylinder inline engine, skillfully crafted by Honda masters, is more than just noise; it’s a symphony of brute force that resonates as pure rebellion on two wheels.

But, let’s be honest, despite its iconic 80s vibe, this bike was craving a contemporary, rugged touch. And we didn’t just add a hint; no, we went all out. We transformed everything about this machine.

We began with the chassis. The original 19-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels gave way to 17-inch rims, both front and rear. After endless adjustments, we successfully integrated a Ducati S4R swingarm into the CBX frame. Add a dose of Öhlins magic to the rear suspension and front fork, and this motorcycle now boasts handling that can tackle even the tightest corners. And that package from Italy? Oh, it wasn’t just any package. Unique bikes demand unique wheels, so the Kineo rims are the cherry on top of this beastly machine.

We also crafted a handmade subframe that seamlessly connects to the original main frame. And to top it off, we added a handmade aluminum cafe racer tail! It was then painted in a uniquely colored metallic blue, along with a black stripe, and finished with a gold accent. Of course, a custom leather seat made by our friend Marcel Miller was the perfect addition!

A motor with a unique sound deserves an exhaust system that’s equally epic. That’s why we quickly agreed with our client on a 6-in-6 exhaust system. We had 6 mufflers made by our friends at Mad Exhaust. The result? A distinctive look that you simply can’t achieve with a 2, 3, or 4-cylinder motorcycle.

A bike like this also deserves a well-performing engine. So, we discovered that the biggest 6-cylinder guru in Europe happened to be just 25 km away. Bert from Sixcenter helped us fully overhaul the engine – until every last bolt. Some things are better left to the specialists!

And let’s not forget the gadgets. A Motogadget m-unit was a must, along with not one, but two Motogadget gauges. With Brembo calipers, a top-of-the-line brake pump was necessary, and we naturally chose a Brembo brake pump. To maintain symmetry, we also added a hydraulic clutch pump. And yes, even though the original CBX had a cable clutch, at Moto Adonis, we fear nothing – we converted it to a hydraulic system!

Test riding a custom monster always remains an exciting experience! Over the years, we’ve built a lot, from electric to classic motorcycles. But this fully customized CBX, with its Öhlins suspension and 6-in-6 exhaust system, sits at the top of our list. The sound, the handling, the brakes – everything you look for in a motorcycle comes together in this brutal masterpiece!

Credits: Bike design by Moto Adonis. Upholstery: Miller kustom. Copyright © – Moto Adonis Motorcycles b.v.
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