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The Suzuki DR650

At Moto Adonis, we are excited to present our latest creation: a custom Suzuki DR650. Join us as we share the story behind transforming this iconic dual-sport motorcycle.

The Suzuki DR650 is a staple on any adventure bike list. It’s practical, affordable, easy to work on, lightweight, and performs exceptionally well off-road. These qualities made it the perfect candidate for a custom all-road build.

But what seemed like a pretty straightforward project turned out to be quite the challenge. The problem with the bike was that the customer couldn’t comfortably touch the ground while sitting on it. So we had to get creative. Instead of seeing a problem, we embraced the challenge by designing a completely custom rear frame and using smaller-sized wheels to improve ground reach.

At Moto Adonis, we pride ourselves on our ability to craft bespoke motorcycles tailored to each client’s vision. The Suzuki DR650 project was no exception. The bold color scheme combining orange, two shades of green, and golden Excel wheels is what really makes this bike stand out.

But this bike is more than just eye-catching; it’s also improved in other areas. We equipped it with a Motogadget system, Kellermann blinkers and rear lights, a Highsider headlight, and a custom navigation tower with custom windshields. For enhanced handling, we fitted a Husqvarna 701 front fork and selected a YSS rear shock. The engine received a significant upgrade as well, with the cylinder bored up to 680 cc and a high-compression piston. Our custom stainless steel exhaust, featuring a MAD Exhaust muffler, completes the build.

At Moto Adonis, we love this bike. It retains a classic look while incorporating modern styling and features. This blend of old and new is also reflected in the Rusty Stitches gear showcased by Job, who is wearing the Orlando Jacket and Clyde V2 gloves in the pictures.

Credits: Bike design by Moto Adonis. Upholstery: Miller seats. Copyright © – Moto Adonis Motorcycles b.v.
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