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The True Ducati Monster
Turning a stock Ducati Monster 900 into a true monster of a bike. Now that is an awesome assignment! When the bike arrived at our shop, some parts had already been modified. The cylinders were bored out to take bigger pistons and the engine had been tuned for more performance, a great start! There was also worked on the tail section and an aluminum tank, but the customer wasn’t happy with the process. That’s why we were asked to take the bike to the next level.

Customer: “It wasn’t easy to find builders who think along with me. To really understand what my desired level of finish is and who deliver good quality as the standard.

New Design
We began with cutting the tank and tail section apart and modified it to our new design. We also made an aluminum front headlight fairing with a laser cut Ducati logo in the center. After these modifications, both the customer and ourselves were very happy with the overall looks of the monster!

The next step was to make the rest of the bike look and work perfect. Finishing the modifications on the frame, suspensions, brakes, front fender, mounting brackets and solve some loose ends. To make this a true monster, there are also some upgrades made for more performance, better handling and braking: a Ducati sr4 swing arm, magnesium wheels, bigger front brakes and brake calipers and last but not least: fully adjustable Ohlins rear shock and front forks.

Customer: “I would like a clean build with a minimal seat and as few visible electrical components as possible. The focus was to really show off the Ducati engine in all his glory!”

To make the whole clean look complete, we didn’t want messy wiring on the bike. That’s why we made an aluminum battery tray and electrics panel under the tank and installed a MotoGadget system: MotoGadget m.unit, Motogadget Motoscope Tiny speedo, mo.blaze Disc Bar turn signals, small Motone handlebar switches and a new head and taillight. To make all the components work, we also created a new wiring harness.

This bike really stands out
The paint job of the Ducati is also a statement. The combination of black, gold, vintage Porsche orange and gray, fits the bike and the lines of the bodywork really well!

Customer: “I like bright colors, factory-like colors, so you might think this is a factory-produced bike.”

We as Moto Adonis are really proud of how this bike turned out! It looks the part and handles like a monster too! Perfect shifting and braking, combined with the raw power of a tuned Ducati engine. That’s stuff off dreams in our opinion!

Credits: Bike design by Moto Adonis. Upholstery: Miller kustom Upholstery. Photos: Lennart Stolte. Copyright © – Moto Adonis Motorcycles b.v.
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