BMW Airhead 416 R100RS


BMW 416 R100RS The start of the build. 416? Carbonschwarz metallic 416, that is the color this BMW had to be according to the customer. Apart from the color choice and the purchase of an aftermarket subframe, nothing had been done to the bike. The bike was stock, and It was our job to build [...]

The orange brick! BMW K100 RS


The orange brick! BMW K100 RS This build was started with a simple email, the question was if we could finish a build of a custom BMW K100 RS. There was already started on the bike, bud the owner had some bad luck with the previous shop's that started the build. So the question was if [...]

Ducati 999 Special


Ducati 999 Special Tekst by BikeBrewers. A Special Story It is common for us to write about a motorcycle with a special story, and in a way, they are all very personal. Still, this might be the most special motorcycle we have covered to date. This is a story about a man that does not [...]

Honda Monkey Z50


Rusty Stitches commission – Honda Monkey Z50 Article by: Bike Brewers By now you should have a pretty good idea about who Rusty Stitches are and what they are all about. They are the David to the motorcycle riding gear industry’s Goliath. And they’ve been growing recently…fast! Although their mascot is a big hairy [...]

Dirt Drifter Yamaha TR1


DIRT DRIFTER: Yamaha TR1 Tekst by Pipeburn. Bike owner: Daan of MAD Exhaust An exhaust and its corresponding muffler are perhaps the most fundamental part of any custom car or bike that will come in for some sort of modification or change. In all of these years, I doubt we’ve ever featured a motorcycle [...]

The True Ducati Monster


The True Ducati Monster Turning a stock Ducati Monster 900 into a true monster of a bike. Now that is an awesome assignment! When the bike arrived at our shop, some parts had already been modified. The cylinders were bored out to take bigger pistons and the engine had been tuned for more performance, [...]

BMW The Girder R9T


BMW The Girder R9T Original bike: BMW R NINET Nickname: The Girder R9T   The Story: The building off the BMW The Girder R9T started with a question. Instead of supplying us with a motorcycle, the customer asked us: ‘Which bike do you guys want to build? Surprise me!’. That’s a different way to [...]

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