The Seven Fifty Honda


The Seven Fifty Honda A Honda Seven Fifty: a nice bike, but... One of our last assignments was to make it a really cool bike! ¨I do have some ideas, but what would you guys do with it?¨, a customer asked us. Of course, we took up the challenge! To build this bike we began with sketching [...]

The True Ducati Monster


The True Ducati Monster Turning a stock Ducati Monster 900 into a true monster of a bike. Now that is an awesome assignment! When the bike arrived at our shop, some parts had already been modified. The cylinders were bored out to take bigger pistons and the engine had been tuned for more performance, [...]

BMW The Girder R9T


BMW The Girder R9T Original bike: BMW R NINET Nickname: The Girder R9T   The Story: The building off the BMW The Girder R9T started with a question. Instead of supplying us with a motorcycle, the customer asked us: ‘Which bike do you guys want to build? Surprise me!’. That’s a different way to [...]

BMW K75 Cafe Racer


BMW K75 Cafe Racer Snakes and bees! Who wear these colors are not to be messed with. The bike’s light, fast and aggressive.’ ‘It reminds me of some famous words,’ he muses. ‘Floats like a butterfly but stings like a bee… mer. More info, read the Pipeburn article. Some of [...]

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